Virgo Zodiac sign constellation




O Penelope, sing through these lungs

so I can feel your breath in me.


if i chanted the odyssey

those are the first words

i’d put

on odysseus’s lips


The letters of your name

blacken on the sky like altar smoke.


what he wished

to tell his spouse

while salt air

whipped his cheeks


We are the subjects of heliometry,

stones skipped ten impossible islands apart.


but odysseus didn’t have a phone


(and i don’t have a wife)


Two-faced Hermes, god of thresholds,

is there a limit to my loneliness?


the bay might as well be


the aegean                                coots bob


like buoys

set ten feet apart


never again      will       there be


solitude like this


a house left

with nothing but one’s person


I have known nature’s feracity before.

Have you ever seen a deer skip along with an arrow in its side?

Blood spouts like nectar from a jug.


when we introduced ourselves

you named                                           the oceans you crossed


to be in this country


i counted state lines i’d hurdle              alpha beta gamma delta

to make my way home


We haul heavy bodies for miles

before collapsing on a lover’s threshold.


having never met you

i felt your wound

smart in my side


and wondered about



Will I recognize you, Penelope?

Now you appear to me as a tempest, now as a shearwater.


the letters of your name

blacken on my screen


like altar smoke

i remind myself:

you are the specters i’ve let

parcel and till

in this season of hysterical weather


The sun is our compass,

our lamp, and our torturer.


your hour

for painting patterns onto tiles


palettes like shingles

turning back the sun




we consult auspices

to pay


timid compliments


From every aspect,

the wine-red sea totters.


colorblind people on youtube


use special glasses to see

as most people do


the tangle of warm and cool


the bawling

of book spines and cereal boxes


Behind me is a decade of violence, before me whorling

burgundy, phthalo, and ultramarine.


i am the one                             passing the time


recalling how

reasonable it once felt

to take for granted


tatters of lettuce

bathtubs’ outrageous bubble gum


all the colors


out there

waiting like suitors



Zeus on high,

whose chroma perfuses even the bleakest seas,

whose awful lightning anoints all crags

sooner or later,


I promise to love this world when it’s mine again.