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Present—November, 2023

The project is about narratives created by visual artists and poets in response to just one word, AEGEAN, which is more an enigma than a theme, a combination of letters and a sound rather than a signified meaning, an inkblot that acts on the imagination and evokes free associations. This word could also be a hint—a scribbled note left by someone who went missing, or a message embedded in graffiti on a wall, it could be a riddle, a password or a code. The project is not only about narratives triggered by a single word, but also about the creative process that oscillates between an abstraction and its representation, between literal and universal.  The aim is to present the variety of responses as well as the variety of art forms created for the virtual space.

Participating visual artists and poets:
Joan Banach, Beth Caspar, Terry James Conrad, María Clara Cortés, Dorota Czerner,
Jake Goldwasser, Anne Gorrick, Sarah Heady, Katarina Jerinic, Caroline Kessler,
Wanda Siedlecka, Carole Kunstadt, Ingrid Keppler Lisowski, Tona Wilson