topoi project


The project is a conversation between María Clara Cortés, Roman Kossak, Wanda Siedlecka, and Andrés Villaveces about Topoi. It is an experiment in using images rather than words to discuss ideas.

Topoi in the Ancient Greek means places. Greeks did not have a notion of a universal space in which everything is. Their world was made of local topoi.

In Mathematics Topoi are generalizations of the notion of space, abstractions of the notion of “being there”, useful ways of comparing and contrasting many structures (or situations, or actions) lying in apparently different, incomparable worlds.

The goal of the project is to test an assumption that photographic representations speak in their own language, that they can be used for nonverbal communication. What makes a topos?  What gives it a meaning? A series of photographs serves as an assertion, a statement or a response.

topoi project

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